Founded 186 years ago the plant changed several times the profile of its activity – produced machines, took part in creation of architectural monuments of Northern capital, downed on the water the first Russian steamships and built the first Russian steam locomotives. During Soviet Union time the plant repaired rolling-stocks, built diesel locomotives and already more than 50 years is a supplier of marine and power engineering products for the Russian Navy and energy industry.

Plant that gave life to Russian manufactories

1826 Aleksandrovskii foundry was founded. Supplied equipment and steam machines to many industrial plants and companies in Saint-Petersburg, fulfilled orders of military and marine agencies, produced weights and steelyards for the Finance Ministry.

1826 - 1837 The shipyard of the plant built 17 steamships of total power equal to 990 horsepower as well as a range of vessels for special purposes.

1827 «Heir Aleksandr» was built. It is one of the first steamships designed for marine navigation.

1830 Steamship «Neva» was built. For the first time in Russian history of steamship building it made a passage from the Baltic sea to the Black sea.

1836 The first Russian steamship «Peter the Great» was built with a body made of metal. The vessel was equipped with a unique icebreaking-saw mechanism.

The cradle of the Russian submarine building

1834 At the shipyard of Aleksandrovskii plant the first Russian metal submarine with 16.4 tons displacement was built according to the design of General-adjutant K.A. Shilder.

1867 The submarine operated with a single engine was built according to the design of military engineer О.B. Hern.

The plant that decorated the Northern capital

The plant took active part in building of the range of famous in Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs architectural monuments including the Troitckii cathedral, the Smolnii cathedral, the Preobrazhenskii cathedral. The plant created constructions and décor for the Arch of the General Staff building, the Moscow and the Narva Triumphal Gates and many iron bridges of the city.

The pioneer of steam locomotive building

1843 With the beginning of building of the first Russian railway between St. Petersburg and Moscow the plant started to obey to Railway agency and was renamed to Aleksandrovskii mechanical plant.

1845 The plant built the first Russian magistral steam locomotive.

1868 The plant started to obey to the Main company of the Russian Railways.

1890-s Aleksandrovskii plant became the main steam-locomotive-repair company in the North-West at which the unique steam-locomotive laboratory of the Railways Institute existed.

1922 The plant was renamed to Proletarsky steam-locomotive-repair plant.

Leningradskii diesel-locomotive-building plant

1959 Proletarsky steam-locomotive-repair plant started to build diesel locomotives with hydromechanical transmission. The plant was renamed to Leningradskii diesel-locomotive-building plant (LTZ).

1964 At the exhibition of railway technics in Moscow the diesel locomotive produced by the plant got a high appreciation of the country leadership.

The beginning of marine and power equipment production

1960-s The domestic fleet confidently went to oceans. It demanded new unique marine equipment that would be produced in places near shipbuilding plants and design bureaus many of which were located in the North-West region. At that moment Leningradskii diesel-locomotive-building plant met these requirements more than other plants.

1963 The plant started to produce marine equipment.

Middle of 1970-s The enterprise including Proletarsky plant, the Central Scientific Research Institute of Marine Engineering and the plant «Economizer» became a large scientific-production association.

With joining of the plant «Economizer» the enterprise got a new specialization – power engineering.

1992 The scientific-production association «Proletarsky zavod» was reorganized to JSC «Proletarsky zavod» remaining at the same time one of the few unique enterprises of shipbuilding industry that managed to save a structural integrity and production profile.

JSC «Proletarsky zavod» today

2011 year was for Proletarsky plant not only the jubilee year but the year of important transformations. By decision of the Government of the Russian Federation the plant control packet of shares went to JSC «West Center of shipbuilding», a subsidiary of JSC «United shipbuilding corporation». This decision was made public by V.V. Putin during his visit to the plant in October in 2011.