Steam turbogenerators

Steam turbogenerators


Steam turbogenerator (STG) allows to use energy of steam of low conditions (incl. saturated steam) used, as a rule, in boilers’ reduction devices.

STG can be included in thermal circuit of low- and medium output boilers producing steam for heating and processing purposes. STG can work both in self-contained mode and simultaneously with power system or other sources of electrical power.

STG can work in the boiler houses with installed boilers of ДКВР, ДЕ types and others, having steam conditions behind the boiler up to 2.5 MPa, temperature up to 380 °С and steam flow from 5 to 50 t / hr. Steam output, which can be obtained on reduced steam pressure drop, depends on the steam flow supplied to turbine, steam pressure used for heating and processing purposes and ranges from 250 to 3000 kW at steam conditions behind the turbine ranging from 0.6 to 0.12 MPa.

Thus, with minimum capital expenditures you can get the source of industrial and domestic electric energy independent of power system converting the boiler house into the mini-thermal power station.


Steam turbogenerator (STG) is an automatized unit — a source of electric energy, all main components and auxiliary systems of which are mounted on a common frame.

STG consists of steam turbine, reduction gear, electric generator, regulation and automatic system, oil system, power frame.

The turbine flow section is manufactured to suit the Customer’s boiler house particular steam conditions.

STG can be completed with electrogenerators of 0.4 kV, 6.3 kV, 10.5 kV voltage. Rather small overall dimensions allow to place STG in small areas and on low foundation, so that free areas in boiler room or in other production buildings can be used.

Operation time of STG until overhaul is 120000 hours.

Steam turbogenerators